We believe that data-driven transparency is foundational for building long lasting relationships.

Our vision is to empower 1 billion consumers to know their impact and make choices that are better for the planet and the generations to come. We do so by partnering with pioneering brands that full embrace transparency and want to achieve a more sustainable way of doing business.

Meet our team

Akhil Sivanandan

Akhil Sivanandan

Co Founder & CEO

Navodit Babel

Navodit Babel

Co Founder & CTO

Lara Pizzato

Lara Pizzato


Seb Vivacqua

Seb Vivacqua

Director of Sales

Our values

Transparency. Our core value, reflected in everything we say and do. This is what we help brands achieve.

Credibility. We walk the talk and are constantly seeking to expand our knowledge. We do this for ourselves and our customers, so that we can better help them

Authenticity. Just like transparency, authenticity is embedded in Green Story. We enable brands to stay authentic in their values and mission.

Community. Only working together with our partner brands will allow us to achieve our vision.

Innovation. It’s at the forefront of what we do and we always go where no one has ever been (yet).

Excellence.  We constantly aim for excellence and won’t settle for mediocre results

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Across 15 countries


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Across 35+ countries

Our partners

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