Empowering 1 billion consumers to know their impact and make choices that are better for the planet and the generations to come.

Founded in 2015 by Akhil Sivanandan and Navodit Babel, Green Story is the sustainability platform for brands who want to achieve a better way of doing business – whether they are at the beginning of their journey to net-zero or are far into it already. Thanks to our consumer-focused solutions and using the global standard of LCA methodology, we enable brands to quantify and show the environmental performance of their products, and offset their carbon footprint, making them carbon neutral. 


Our collective impact




27,037,977 kg
of emissions avoided


50,439,615 kWh
of energy conserved


8,661,327,170 litres
of water saved




3,209 flight trips
around the globe


1,523,855 homes
powered for a day


4,558,593,247 days
of drinking water

Why choose Green Story

Green Story partner brands build lifelong relationships – with us and their customers.

Top notch knowledge

From LCA methodology for impact and footprint calculation to consumers behaviour and communications, our experience comes from analysing 2000+ supply chains in 35 countries and working with 150+ leading fashion brands.

A one-stop consumer facing solution

Green Story is the only platform combining supply-chain sustainability analysis with easy to digest, interactive data and impact visuals, and footprint calculation with offsetting projects. For a seamless user experience.

Become part of the leading pack

Working with Green Story puts you in the 1% of global brands shaking up sustainability in the fashion industry, and choosing transparency by taking a deep look into their environmental impacts.

Our methodology for data excellence

Following ISO Standards

We use a cradle to grave approach and utilize ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, according to the ISO Environmental assessment framework. The framework guides methodology, modeling, external review process, and elements such as LCA findings use conditions and interpretation.

Verified 3rd Party Data

We source data from accredited 3rd parties such as Ecoinvent, Sphera, and Textile Exchange to ensure our models meet the highest levels of scrutiny. Secondary data used is typically peer reviewed or otherwise vetted by 3rd parties.

Strong Internal Review Team

Before the final and external review, the Green Story LCA team thoroughly checks the findings from the LCA study and brings in a third party expert to support the verification and validation of the data.

Products and solutions

Know your Impact

Using Life Cycle Assessment methodology and a visualisation platform to measure and communicate your impact in a relatable way.

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Simplizero Ecommerce

Highlight your products’ carbon neutrality throughout the shopping experience (including at post-purchase) and watch engagement grow.

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Simplizero Workforce

Make your team carbon neutral and offset individual members daily carbon footprint by funding projects that sequester carbon.

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What they say about us
Green Story have become integral partners in our building an Earth Positive business. They are unique in that they offer a complete service for Life Cycle Assessments, that includes valuable support in data collection and analytical expertise but beyond this, integrates the results of these studies into content that is meaningful to our customers and internal teams.
Maria Sbiti, Head of Impact, PANGAIA


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