Everything you need to know about Carbon Offsets in the Fashion Industry

Get the full picture of what carbon offsetting is, how it works, its long-term community impacts, how consumers interact with it and how it aligns with the UN SDGs. From October 26th-30th, hear from every stakeholder that the topic touches: consumers, brands, policy makers, offset providers and community builders. We’ll leave nothing out, so you can leave nothing behind.

Our shared home requires our collective effort. We all have a part to play. Tune in as brands, organizations and consumers share how they are playing their part and learn how you can too! Participate in our all-encompassing webinar series to learn everything you need to know about carbon offsetting and its integral role in sustainability.


Our 5-part webinar series will start on October 26, with one session a day until October 30. We’ll kick it off with a Green Story interview to give you an understanding of the topic.

This planet is our only home and our only hope is collective action. Regardless of who you are, what you do and where you live, we all have a role to play. Carbon offsetting is an effective next step (or first step) on your sustainability journey to set your intention and get you moving or progressing in the green direction.

About Green Story – Green Story was founded with the vision of getting every consumer in the world to ask, “what’s my impact?” before they make a purchase. By using credible data, an advanced technology platform and easy to understand visuals, Green Story transforms the customer experience every step of the way by showing the positive impact a consumer can make by choosing green products. The company works with over 80 brands in 15 countries to calculate and show their impact to millions of consumers worldwide. For more information, visit the Green Story website at www.greenstory.ca.