The Impact of Impact Assessments in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is facing its biggest challenge in the last 50 years. Stakeholders are demanding a more sustainable, transparent industry, and brands are scrambling to get there. However, in order to change, one needs to know where they stand right now. Supply chain impact assessments are critical for the industry!

Green Story is excited to bring you a 3-part webinar series so that you can understand exactly what impact assessments are, how they can transform your brand and what the future looks like.

Our 3-part webinar series will start on March 22, featuring experts, pioneering brands and innovators who will share their stories and vision for impact assessment. We’ll kick things off with a fireside chat with Dr. Muthu, one of the premier thought-leaders in textile production and author of the Handbook on Sustainable Apparel Production, to discuss the ins and outs of the Life Cycle Analysis methodology. Followed by panels on:

Learn from the best in the industry on how to measure your impact, how the industry around impact measurement is evolving and how to prepare your suppliers and stakeholders for the challenges ahead.

Save your spot now to hear from change-makers who are paving the path for a greener future.

About Green Story – Green Story was founded with the vision of getting every consumer in the world to ask, “what’s my impact?” before they make a purchase. By using credible data, an advanced technology platform and easy to understand visuals, Green Story transforms the customer experience every step of the way by showing the positive impact a consumer can make by choosing green products. The company works with over 80 brands in 15 countries to calculate and show their impact to millions of consumers worldwide. For more information, visit the Green Story website at