Since 2016, Green Story’s mission of bringing a sustainable way of doing businesses to the mainstream has reached new audiences and clients globally, from New York to Sydney. We owe a lot of this success to our branding which has reflected the multifaceted aspect of the company.

As a company, Green Story is unique as it is part consulting and analytics, part consumer engagement for e-commerce, part education. So when our co-founders sat down 4 years ago to draft the brand identity and logo that accurately represented the work we do, it was quite a puzzle. We were clear about the mission and our voice, but the logo? Well, that was a tough one.

We went through many, (and we mean many) iterations:

We wanted the logo to be simple, but at the same time, it needed to be all-encompassing of the work that Green Story does. The logo also needed to differentiate us from other companies in the space and be easily recognizable across all social media platforms. So after many iterations and lots of brainstorming, we arrived at our current one:

There are three main parts to the logo, which mimic the process we use for our clients:

  • The three dots on the top right-hand corner represent the analysis that is done to calculate the footprint of our client’s products and services. We focus on water (blue), waste (orange), and emissions (green) and compare these measurements against the industry standards to create scientific and verifiable metrics. The circle which encloses the logo signifies completeness in terms of the work we do.
  • The top half of the green leaf is a bar graph that represents the analysis and data behind the visuals we create for our clients. This tool makes the metrics accessible for consumers so they can understand the positive sustainable impacts that your business has. One half being black and other white also highlights the comparative aspect of the analysis we do.
  • The stem of the leaf is an upward slope, showing the growth mindset that Green Story adopts in all our work. We’re committed to increasing consumer engagement, interaction, and retention in your eco-fashion business.

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