RECREO is a freshly-launched new conscious marketplace out to change how consumers interact with the economy and the environment.

Step one in their plan: a consciously designed new apparel collection, minimizing impact on the planet and funnelling all proceeds to charity. Step two: change the world by changing how we shop. 

Created by Murtaza Umar, who imagined up RECREO after being inspired by global issues such as climate action, and how they are interconnected, and his recent Bachelor’s degree in economics to combine the two and play a part. His goal is to empower consumers to change our environmentally destructive systems by offering them better options for their purchases and putting their money where their values are. And using concrete information to back it all up. The product is RECREO and their debut OUTBACK collection, available now on their website.

What do the European Renaissance and Roaring Twenties have in common? They were both periods of massive economic and cultural growth, and serve as inspiration for RECREO! Following this, nine core values underpin RECREO: water conservation, sustainable production, circular economy, equality, wildlife preservation, no single use plastics, ecosystem restoration, climate action, and carbon reduction.

Through providing options that embody these values. RECREO’s vision is to solve global problems through consumer products. People will always buy products out of their needs and wants. RECREO wants to change their purchases to conscious products that create a positive impact for the world and align with the company’s missions. 

As we’ve discussed extensively in the past here at Green Story, 80% of millenial and Gen Z consumers want to make greener, more conscious purchases. They just lack the information they need to trust so-called green products before they follow through. RECREO plans to make it easier for them, by sourcing and creating products with these 9 core values getting to the heart of sustainable and ethical consumerism, and making it clear exactly how.

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So what do you get when you take these nine top-notch impactful values, the inspiration of two biggest cultural booms in history, and centering consumer power? RECREO’s debut Outback collection! Inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape and wildlife, and moved by recent events, RECREO is donating 50% of their profits from this collection to WIRES, an Australian nonprofit animal rescue at the frontlines of animal protection, and 50% to WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

And careful decisions reflecting core tenets of sustainability, such as using 50% recycled polyester and 50% upcycled cotton, 100% compostable packaging, and buying carbon offsets for shipping, the RECREO Outback line results in huge resource savings and lowered waste. Through these and other choices in their supply chain, RECREO achieves a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, 96% reduction in water use, and of course save fabric from landfills by using recycled materials!

RECREO’s drive for an information-driven transparent marketplace made a partnership with Green Story an obvious choice/easy fit/natural fit. Through careful research, RECREO founder ended up at Green Story’s (metaphorical) door. Our comprehensive lifecycle analysis is a perfect match for RECREO’s data-driven approach, and the result? Clear numbers that show the impact of RECREO’s careful design choices. 

And this is just the beginning, Murtaza’s long term vision for the company is to have something for everyone with products in every category and various price points. They want to be a one stop shop for conscious products and people looking for better alternatives, and even be part of the events space. 

Interested? RECREO has launched, and you can check out their OUTBACK collection here. With such a strong start in sustainable fashion and solid ethics, we’re proud to be on board with RECREO and see what they come up with next. 

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