This week we are thrilled to announce our partnership with one of our newest clients, Maven Women. Maven Women is a womenswear brand that prioritizes both environmental sustainability and social impact. It  is led by six core values in order to create long-lasting garments that flatter a diversity of women’s bodies. Its founder, Rebecca Ballard, was a public interest lawyer struggling to find pieces that fit both conscious consumer values and professional workplace dress standards. Maven Women was her solution.

Like all our clients, Maven Women takes environmental sustainability seriously. Green Story’s in-depth cradle-to-gate impact analysis revealed that because of their choice of organic cotton, this brand uses on average 55% less water than equivalent conventional supply chains. Similarly, Maven Women’s supply chain uses a quarter less electrical energy and almost 40% lower greenhouse gas emissions than the  industry standard. The game changers for their clothing lines include their use of organic cotton and choice to keep production as localized as possible in both India and Los Angeles. They also use recycled materials for their garment tags and all packaging. 

With the rising tide of interest in environmental sustainability, another crucial aspect of sustainable fashion production is often overlooked: social impact. If a garment relies on slave labour or inhumane working conditions to be produced and for the supply chain to be profitable, no amount of water or carbon emission reductions can make it truly sustainable. With this in mind, Rebecca built Maven Women around six core values, and it shows.

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When Green Story dug deeper, here’s where we found these values really shone. Their Global Artisan Collection is manufactured at Mehera Shaw, an artisanal fair trade company located in Jaipur, India, that utilizes and preserves traditional knowledge for dying and printing fabric as well as a decentralized village production model. All of their workers are full-time, eligible for a pension fund, paid regularly and a living wage, and protected from forced overtime or unsafe conditions by frequent factory checks and their decentralized production model. Similarly, American production is done at women-owned Lefty Production Co., which pays its workers a living wage and submits to regular random labour standards checks and audits.

Another pillar of Maven Women’s social and environmental sustainability is that they donate clothing scraps to a variety of partners. All leftover fabric from their Indian supply chain goes to Meher Road Foundation for use in an initiative that teaches women new skills, upcycles scraps, and promotes environmental consciousness. Clothing scraps from American production is donated to several US-based women-led enterprises, including upcycling accessories firm Regenerous Designs. A full list of their partners and efforts towards transparency is visible on the Supply Chain page of their website.

We are excited to be working with Maven Women to support their efforts in providing women of all shapes quality clothing made with both environmental and social impact in mind. Maven Women is a good example of how strong core values of one individual can impact an entire supply chain and catalyze partnerships that create a well-rounded sustainable business. 

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