Conscious consumerism: Closing the Say-Do Gap in Sustainable Fashion

To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, we’re collaborating with industry experts to discuss conscious consumerism in the fashion industry. Data has shown that today’s consumers are aiming to shop more mindfully, sustainably, and from environmentally friendly brands. In fact, 84% of consumers say they want to buy from sustainable sources, but in reality, less than 10% are making green purchases. 

This discrepancy, known as the “say-do” gap, is a topic we will explore in our webinar on April 22, Conscious Consumerism: Closing the Say-Do Gap in Sustainable Fashion.

Join us as we host the following experts and sustainable fashion brands:

  • Jakob Dworsky, Co-Founder of ASKET
  • Livvy Drake, Sustainability and Behavior Change Consultant
  • Jaclyn Patterson, Wardrobe Stylist and Creator of Shopwise

The session will be moderated by Lara Pizzato, a FashionTech and Sustainability Consultant!

Fashion has dramatically shifted towards more sustainable methods. Consumers are asking brands for sustainable and ethical shifts to manufacturing, production, and distribution as well as more transparent supply chain information. When it comes down to follow-through, however, fashion brands are often left wondering why their products aren’t selling the way their fast-fashion counterparts are. 

Save your spot now to hear from change-makers who are paving the path for a greener future.

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